For a very long time I was looking for something like Misha's course. I searched for it subconsciously, not realizing the need for living my life experiencing feelings and emotions, actions and bodily reactions, and not just observing it. I got to the training by chance, and then to the studio - and here we go).Mikhail brilliantly shook the pendulum of emotions and feelings inside me (and not only me), reactions and assessments of the interlocutor, helped me to liberate myself on stage, become interesting and observant, and also revealed in me a lot of competencies necessary for acting and for everyday life .I felt my true personal growth and I am immensely grateful to Mikhail for this.Thanks, Misha. Your coaching work is truly priceless and magnificent!

Evgeny Lipst

I am grateful to destiny for the circumstances that led me to Misha’s group. He is not just a teacher. For me, he is a mentor and a role model. And not just in his professional qualities, but also in human ones. It is very important that the students respect their teacher and he be an example for them. It all worked exactly like that for us. He values each and every one of us. He brings up something deep and subtle in us, and this is something very rare in this world. He is a HUMAN!!! Thank you!!!

Ekaterina Komar

Misha is a mega person. Deep, strong, energetically powerful. He treats his students like his children. He sees potential in everyone. He works with everyone in whom there is at least a little touch of the kiss of God. Working with him, you grow out your own wings. He is an insanely creative person who perceives each student as a natural organism with its many undisclosed talents, potentials and opportunities. He opens you gradually, patiently, treats you like a grain of wheat. I have never seen so much patience in any teacher. This is pure gold. I can honestly call him a Teacher, capital T. Moreover he is a teacher at his core. He reveals your personality and nourishes you with wisdom every time you study with him. I am grateful to God for giving me the chance to meet him and study with him.

Nadezhda Patreluk

Misha is a great source of innovative ideas with a purpose of teaching the best of the theater and cinema in mind. With him you start to believe that the expressions “the magic of cinema” and “the magic of theater” are actually true. He has no stereotypes or prejudice of any kind. He just gives his everything to the maximum, his knowledge, his time, his spirit and his faith in people. A 3 hour class feels like a few minutes, because molding us into real actors is a very tense and exciting experience. And everything is spiced with his great patience and amazing sense of humor.
And after our graduation recital I was full of pride for being one of the students of this wonderful teacher.

Lydia Romanets

If you are lucky to get into Misha’s group, you will inevitably, irrevocably, with your mouth open (and if you are lucky with your heart open as well) fall in love with his charisma, charm, fortitude, professionalism, sensitivity, insight, gentleness and devotion.Wise, experienced, strong Kostrov is not just a teacher, but if you really want to, he will become your guide into the world of “a different you”. Gently taking you by the hand, he will lead you to Knowledge (of yourself, the inner and outer world, theater, cinema, and the things that you need most at this moment of your life.


Misha is a unique teacher who owns the secret key to unlocking the potential of every student, regardless of their physique, intellect, social status, religious beliefs etc. He is a person full of light, a scanner of the souls and thoughts of the students. When you feel badly or seem to be on the verge of breaking down, Kostrov knows how to ignite confidence in you and make you believe you can do it and that you are unstoppable. After each class your eyes turn their pupils into your soul and the souls of people around you, the bustle is replaced with awareness, creative fulfillment, a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it, to cut the long story short, you experience a complete intellectual and emotional "insight".

Maria Sokolovskaya

Firstly, Misha Kostrov is a very cool professional. Most importantly, he deeply believes in his student. As if he lives in you, easily transferring large and important amounts of information to you. Also, Misha has the talent of finding the hidden qualities of a person and turning them into limitless possibilities.
And if you are preparing yourself for acting tests or casting, then classes with Kostrov increase the chances of you passing them. Misha shares such great professional tools with you that your success is inevitable. Provided that you really need it!

Marina Rublova

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